About Us

Our Mission

To combine innovative solutions and customer first excellence to logistical services.

At Classic Systems, we believe there is a better way to deliver logistical services. A more intuitive, less archaic way where logistical solutions are tailor made to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. We’re obsessively passionate about customer service, not just for our customers’, but for our customers’ customers’. We focus on seamless integrated processes, the newest technologies and operational excellence. We’re excited to simplify logistics and supply chain operations through our expertise, technology and passion for customer experience.

Meet Our Team

Brad Street
Carl Haggstrom
Managing Director
Linda Ali
Senior Customer Service Manager
Afandi Ahwan
General Manager
Leo Manlutac
Project Manager
Aishah Che Samsudin
Customer Service Executive
Marvin Alijibe
Customer Service Executive
Peter Seng
Warehouse Manager
Siobhan Shaw
Marketing Manager
Minz Law
Finance Director
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