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To combine innovative solutions and customer-first excellence with logistical services.

At Classic Systems, there is a better way to deliver logistical services. A more intuitive, less archaic way where logistical solutions are tailor-made to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

We’re obsessively passionate about customer service, not just for our customers, but for our customers. We focus on seamless integrated processes, the newest technologies, and operational excellence. We’re excited to simplify logistics and supply chain operations through our expertise, technology, and passion for customer experience.

Our Experts

Meet Our Team

Dominic Goh

General Manager

Leo Manlutac

Project Manager

Andre Vorschulte

Project Manager
Warehouse Management System

aaron Neo

Warehouse Manager

Krishna Subramaniam

Customer Service Officer


Customer Service Officer

Central Support Management

Carl Häggström

Group Managing Director

Otso Massala

GROUP Director

Brian Milligan

Group Quality & Operations Director

Minz Law

GROUP Finance Director

Demi Yin

Group Shipping Manager

Asri Bin Samat

Group Warehouse Manager

Simon Ang

GROUP Marketing Manager

Our Company Values


We have a sense of responsibility that goes beyond our job. We respect the trust that is placed in us.


We value delivering great service and customer outcomes. We are rigorous, do things the right way, and aim to exceed all expectations.


We believe relationships and partnerships are fundamental. We are stronger when we work together


We are restless, always looking to do better. We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.


We strive to do what is right. We take ownership to achieve the best possible outcomes

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