Integrated Logistics Solutions

Warehousing & Storage Solutions

State-of-the-art warehousing system & technology ensuring inventory accuracy and flexible storage.

Warehouse Solutions

Our warehouse is fitted with a state of the art racking system that help us to maximise our storage space and is completely customized to efficiently store and pick our clients orders during the fulfilment process. With a storage facility of over half a million cubic feet, we are able to offer warehousing solutions for various projects of different scales.

In Asia, climate control is key when it comes to warehousing. In tropical climates, it is typical for us to see dry and sunny weather as well as humid and wet weather. Our facility is equipped to safely store items that require additional precautionary measures in place such as an air conditioned climate.

Our facilities provide peace of mind against fire, theft and flooding. We have multiple safety measures in place, such as: 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance and strict entry restrictions for anybody not employed by us.

Our entire suite of logistical services include:
Local expertise, global brands

Our Clients, Partners & Projects

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